Saturday, April 17, 2010

Crazy Day

What a day! I started out with a bike ride, giving the new William Cycling 30X wheels a more proper test than last time was the idea. I had 2.5 hours before Donna had to leave for a swim clinic, so I was on it! I stuck my head outside and it was very still. No Wind! Wha? Oh yeah!

Off to a good start (even though there really was wind of course) I looked down and kept seeing 18 and 19 mph on the GPS! Yes!

Then after about 15 mins and a few back-offs to keep the heart rate down... BAM! The back tire blew. Not just went flat but blew off the rim! I don't think I have ever had that happen! I had brand new Continental Grand Prix 4000S tires on the brand new wheels... and this time I went without the Mr Tuffy tire liners, maybe that was not such a good idea. I also went with some Continental Race Lite tubes... maybe not a good idea either?

Anyway, I pull over and notice my rim got a bit dinged around the edges from the tire coming off. Crap! And the tire was so hard to get on initially it took me a long time fiddling with it even.

I changed out the tube, struggled a little to get the new tire on, put on the CO2 cartridge to re-inflate and... BAM! Crap. Must have been pinched! I didn't have a second tube because my next to last time out I had a flat too, so I called the wife to come get me.

On the way home, someone rolls down his window next to us an yells that the wheel is about to fall off my bike. It was just hanging on the chain! Thank God for good samaritans!

Anyhow, home safe from all that drama I decided to go for a run instead. I only went 2 miles, and walked most of the second one because my leg tendon was acting up a bit. Hopefully I can re-strengthen that without injuring it again!


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