Saturday, August 20, 2011

Racing Weight

Humm, am I doing this backwards? Interesting note about the high intensity intervals. I do tend to train with a pretty high heart rate at least. 

Racing Weight: Training To Be Lean

Redman 2011 Bike Route Tour

Update, tour data is fixed and I will upload the Computrainer version as soon as I test it out!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Good Workout

Since I took the Swim Smooth test to determine swim type and came out Bambino, I decided I had something to work on. Yeah I ain't got rhythm... and I am also lacking power. Today I went and did a ton of pull drills... working on keeping my elbows high, producing more stroke power, and trying to time my strokes better including better breath timing. Wow, yeah probably too much to work on at one time. I really felt like I made some improvement though! I had a few moments of greatness where I felt like it just all clicked. So all in all it was a good swim day!  
New Goal: 500 yards in 15 mins!

Freestyle - High-Elbow Catch - GoSwim!

Freestyle - High-Elbow Catch - GoSwim!

Freestyle - Fist / Open Finish - GoSwim!

Freestyle - Fist / Open Finish - GoSwim!
This looks like a good one! Pretty cool site overall.


Sunday, August 7, 2011

Swim Types

I just ran across this from the Swim Smooth blog and thought it was interesting. Swim Types:

I did the questionaire and it says I am most likely a Bambino... Wow, really? I would at least hope to be an Arnie!
Maybe it is mostly because my swim is so slow... the next closest choice was the Overglider, but my stroke rate is way too high for that I think. I am counting 25 to 30 per 25 yards... without really kicking off the wall though.

This is one characteristic of the Bambino that rings true... "Struggles to breathe from lack of lead arm support". I do have to look into this some more and see what drills I can do to help improve that. But I guess the main drill is just swimming a lot.

Here is the swim analysis of an 'improved' Bambino, looks pretty good to me!

My swim is just so darn slow it is frustrating. It takes me about 19 minutes to swim 500 yards in the pool. That just ain't right. I am going to spend a little more time working speed now that I can do 500 yards pretty comfortably. I'm also planning on getting started back with Tri Swim this week.