Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Swim Miracle

Happy Easter!

I made it to the pool today to work out some of the soreness in my legs. I hadn't done anything but swim since Lonestar, so I started getting back at it. After a hard 4 mile run on Friday and a 31 mile bike followed by a short run yesterday, my legs were really sore.

I started out with fins, doing lots of kick drills. I have been doing a lot of side kicking to work on getting comfortable in that position and stay balanced. I also did some 'Superman glide', transitioning that to swim. I did a couple of 50's, which were a little better but still felt hard.

Donna had suggested that I swim 300 nonstop, then I would know I was ready to do Silverlake. She thinks that would be a great one for me. After the 50's I was thinking the only way I could swim 300 straight open water with no wetsuit would be with a pull buoy! And I am trying to overcome that addiction... lol

I kept doing drills and even swam 25 breast stroke. Then after half a pool length of drill, I started swimming. After I hit the wall and turned around I suddenly noticed that I could feel water splashing over my hip... it was getting air! I was swimming with my hips up, without excessively kicking, just what I had been working on! That was almost like swimming with the pull buoy, but without it! I kept going and made 6 more full laps. I had no idea I was going to be able to do that today, something finally clicked!

Now I am taking another look at Silverlake. :)


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