Sunday, December 6, 2009

Running Help

I have been trying to start running. That has proven to be much more difficult for me than I thought. I guess 40 years of not running is not an easy thing to overcome! I started having foot issues, so I went to a podiatrist and got custom orthodics. That helped the foot issue but it seems my shins just will not get stronger. They tire out quickly as I start to run. I am ~210 lbs, still a far cry from the 270 I was at one point but still pretty heavy. It just seemed like something was not right. I partially blamed the knee surgeries I had a couple of years ago, my left leg atrophied a bit and I can still tell it.

Enter Youtube! My chiropractor suggested I try a different running form, and to check out the Crossfit site for videos on the Pose technique. She also suggested to look at Chi running. I looked those up the other night and found a lot of great info on what might be going on. I think I am extending my leg too far in front of my center of balance and basicly stopping myself with every stride! This video was the best I found about that:

Since I started adjusting to keeping my stride short and landing midfoot I am sseing a lot of improvement immediately!

My overall time is not faster yet, but my shins dont feel like someone has been driving nails in them at least!

Videos to check out:


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