Sunday, July 1, 2012



We re talking about going to Redman Triathlon in Oklahma City this September. My wife's training buddy 'Hombre' is doing his first 140.6 distance. Last year he was signed up but couldn't race due to an injury. He still came up to cheer on my wife in her 70.3. So, she is going up this year to cheer him on, as well as some of our other club members. This is a popular race for our club.

Just yesterday she asked me if I wanted to do the sprint... they don't usually have a sprint distance, but some years when it is a championship race they do add the sprint for some reason. This is one of those years. The question kind of caught me off guard, as I had not planned on doing a tri this year. I am mainly focusing on running with added lifting... so only run races and duathlons were on my radar. I do like Redman though, it is a nice race to spectate. I am also thinking it would be nice to visit my old boss, who now lives in Oklahoma City.

What was my answer when she asked? "I wouldn't be ready for the swim!" Is that true? Well now that I think about it... it is a wetsuit race... it's in September I could be ready if I wanted to be. Heck, I could be swimming sprint distance in a wetsuit in a matter of weeks... not fast but "get through it" swimming. Saying I couldn't is a crock.

So I think I will plan on going to the race... and start working on swimming in the meantime. We'll see where that takes me. :)  Venom should be ready for some racing by then!


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  1. I know we talked and realized the sprint was on Sunday, but there is a sprint option at Houston Triathlon at Towne Lake. They're doing a sprint and an olympic distance. There's always Silverlake and Katy Triathlon at Firethorne for late season races... also there's always Lonestar. Same day as the 5150 :)